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Mary Pierce
Mary Pierce ADN, CGRN
Hello, I'm Mary Pierce your MSGNA Treasurer. This is my second year on the board and as Treasurer. I live in Grand Rapids and am a staff and Lead nurse in a free standing ASC (Grand River Endoscopy Center) specializing in GI only. We work ten hour shifts at my clinic so it gives me one day a week to attempt to pull my life together! Sometimes this works and sometimes....well you know what I mean since you all are right there with me. I became Certified in 2013 and count that in my personal and professional goals. Sewing keeps my creative juices flowing and anyone that knows me, knows how much I like to plan parties. Rule number one; always have a theme. MSGNA and your Board's 'theme' is to help you develop &/or expand your GI knowledge. I am loving being part of this organization.
Topics: Strategic Plan

Linda Lawrence
Linda Lawrence BSN RN CGRN
Topics: Poster Contest Information, MSGNA Scholarships

Susan Dolehanty
Susan Dolehanty
Topics: Financial Reports

Amy Krug
Amy Krug RN, BSN, CGRN
I became a member of SGNA/MSGNA in 2002 and successfully passed the ABCGN certification exam that year as well. Since 2002 I have promoted MSGNA in many ways. Since becoming certified in 2002 I have been successful in promoting and encouraging 50% of my staff to become certified in GI nursing. I have attended multiple MSGNA conferences over the years and chaired the MSGNA conference in both 2006 and 2015 that were held in Traverse City. I have represented and promoted MSGNA at the national level after an educational poster presentation that I had developed was chosen to be displayed at the SGNA Annual Course in Baltimore, 2007. The fall MSGNA conference in 2011 offered me the opportunity to speak on the topic of GI certification. I am excited to further support MSGNA and Michigan endoscopy nurses by serving as your Secretary if chosen in the upcoming election.
Topics: Business Minutes

Margaret Brown
Board of Directors - Policies and Procedures
Margaret Brown RN
Topics: Copy of Policy and Procedures, Copy of By-Laws, COMON Information

Jacqui Krupa
Board of Directors - Membership
Jacqui Krupa RN
Topics: Membership Pin, Welcome Information, MSGNA Member Incentives

Karen Stafford
Vendor Coordinator
Karen Stafford MSN RN CGRN
Topics: Vendor Information

Sheri King
Newsletter Editor & Website
Sheri King BSN, RN, CGRN
I have been a GI nurse for 25 years. I started brand new and am now the manager of the Endoscopy Department at a Henry Ford Macomb Hospital. My experience has been significant and varied. After I was in the Endoscopy Suite for about a year, I became a preceptor for new staff and a mentor to current staff. I was known as the troubleshooter. In 2001, I finally felt confident in my knowledge to take the certification examination and I very proudly passed. My role today is that of continuing education for my staff. I have helped develop core teams for each specialty procedure we provide. That team has a leader and together we developed competency tools and education plans. This empowers my team to learn more and then strive to be mentors to each other. I have been involved with my local MSGNA regional almost since day one and attend all offered educational courses. My team and I have planned several courses. I have attended several SGNA Annual Courses to keep my education at the forefront. For the past four years I served on the ABCGN GI Certification Audit Committee and I have greatly enjoyed that experience. In May 2015 when I attended the Item Writer’s session, I was amazed at the entire process and would like the opportunity to learn more and do more for our organization and gastroenterology nurses. I currently serve on the ABCGN Item Writers Panel.
Topics: Newsletter, Website

Diane Thompson
Program Chairperson
Diane Thompson BA, LPN, CGN
I have been member of SGNA for 24 years, MSGNA Program Chair for 7 years, and was appointed to SGNA Program Committee serving for 3 years. I work in a hospital and ASC setting and assist with providing educational information for the endoscopy department.
Topics: Upcoming Educational Events, CBGNA Information

Nancy Denton
Program Chair Assistant
Nancy Denton BSN CGRN
As a new member of the board I a learning a lot about the hard working volunteers on our board. I am looking forward to contributing to this great organization. As the new program assistant I am being mentored by Diane Thompson and Ruth McClure whom have given a great deal of time to coordinating so many great conferences in the past.

Now a little about my GI life, I work in the busy community hospital of Beaumont Health-Troy, in the endoscopy department. We perform about 1000 procedures a month of all kinds. We have a very active pulmonary caseload as well as GI and colorectal surgery practices. I work as a staff nurse in all aspects of the department and function as an informal educators and I am the unit infection champion. I have served as an SGNA Evidence based practice Fellow since its inaugural class. It has brought me into many activities within the SGNA Organization. I will be presenting my 3rd poster at Annual course this year and have presented in concurrent session 3 different times. I currently sit on the SGNA research committee. If you have an interest in any of these activities to support our great organization don't hesitant to send me an email or stop me at a conference.
Topics: Educational Events